The Positive Impacts of Custom Bakery Display Cases

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The Positive Impacts of Custom Bakery Display Cases

Tempt your customers’ taste buds with a beautiful bakery display case. A refrigerated pastry showcase can make a big difference in your deli, restaurant, or cafe’s bottom line.

Choose between straight cases and curved ones that are designed for a more modern look. Dual service models allow staff to load food from the back and customers to serve themselves.

Increased Sales

In a retail world where online purchases are becoming increasingly common, business owners must keep their in-store shoppers engaged. The things they see, smell, and hear in a store will impact their buying decisions.

Custom bakery display cases are the perfect way to entice customers to purchase your products. They are available in all different sizes and types, including refrigerated and non-refrigerated, self-serving, and lighted. They also come in many styles, including Euro and curved bakery cases.

Non-refrigerated bakery displays are ideal for displaying packaged foods, such as sandwiches, and pre-made food, like salads and cookies. They can also display baked goods, such as cupcakes and brownies, and encourage interaction between employees and customers, leading to product recommendations. The refrigerated bakery says offer more space to merchandise baked goods, such as cakes and pies, and they can be designed to provide either front or rear access so that staff can serve customers, or they can be used for self-service by customers.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customers are likely to prefer purchasing products that are attractively displayed. Adding bakery display cases to your establishment effectively increases customer satisfaction, as they will easily pick out items that appeal to them.

LED lighting on top and below each shelf ensures maximum item visibility, allowing for easier identification. These cases are ideal for delis, restaurants, and bakeries that want to highlight their best bakery offerings.

Refrigerated pastry cases are usually small, allowing them to be easily accessed by employees and customers alike. They also make it possible to serve fresh and fast-moving goods, thereby reducing the risk of food contamination. 

Increased Brand Recognition

Shoppers judge the quality of a food item by its appearance and presentation. For this reason, it is essential to have bakery display cases at your food establishment that increase the visibility of your products and help create brand recognition for your business.

The best way to do this is with refrigerated pastry display cases. These cases offer the ideal storage temperature for mousse cakes, cheesecakes, fruit pies, and more. They also encourage touch-free customer service and provide maximum product visibility.

There are many options for pastry display cases, including dual-service and self-service models. Choosing the right one for your establishment depends on how you serve customers. If you want them to help themselves, choose a front and rear access case so customers can conveniently purchase their food. If you want your employees to serve customers, go for a full-service case with rear access that allows employees to interact with patrons.

Increased Profits

You can increase your profits by attracting more customers with suitable bakery display cases. They also help keep items from getting in contact with dust, germs, and other contaminants, which makes your business healthier and safer for everyone.

Bakery displays are also a great way to encourage touch-free customer service, which will help your staff stay safe while allowing customers to sample free products and ask questions. This will give you more opportunities to sell impulse buys, promote customer loyalty, and boost brand recognition.

When choosing a bakery display case, consider the size of your space and how much food you need to showcase. For example, if you only need to display small pastries and cakes, a smaller countertop model may be the best option for your business. Acrylic is also a better choice than glass, as it is less likely to break and is more malleable so you can customize the design for your business.

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