Can I Get Disability For Being Obese? The Outbreak Obesity

Can I get disability for being obese

Can I Get Disability For Being Obese? The Outbreak Obesity

Can I get disability for being obese? In short, you can say that all the health complications arise from obesity, above all obesity may cease your active lifestyle. Most importantly, when your body becomes over-weighted it may even stop movement and causes severity firstly in joints or strains secondly in breathing, and thirdly or lastly provokes severe heart problems. In addition, obesity is the main root of many types of extreme medical illnesses which may include the following:

  • Type ii diabetes.
  • Stokes.
  • Coronary Heart diseases
  • Different kinds of cancers.
  • Genetic disorders.
  • Endocrine system disorders.
  • Mental illness.

The Outbreak Obesity 

Yet, today everywhere in this world you can definitely see many obese people therefore, now obesity has become an epidemic for peeps. To clarify, obesity is increasing the risks of many other health complications that are affecting different people in different ways. Further, this epidemic is spreading among many people with or without disabilities. Most importantly, these obese peps are at great threat of disabilities and for granted these disabilities may be:

  • Very firstly, motility blocks in most children and adults.
  • secondly, obesity promotes many psychological and learning disabilities.
  • Importantly, the annual healthcare costs of obesity with disabilities are approximately $44 billion.
  • Additionally, 20% of children (aged 10-17 years ) who have extraordinary health care requirements are surely more obese than 15% of children of the same age.
  • Obesity with Disability Challenges

Habitually, Obese people which are facing disabilities too may encounter more challenges in eating healthy foods, and maintaining weight and further may become physically inactive. Regardless, these challenges may be due to the following circumstances:

  • Occasionally healthy food choices are minimum
  • Munching or swallowing food may become difficult
  • Consistently weight gain and changes in appetite may be due to medications
  • Especially physical brokers that lead to an inactive lifestyle
  • At time lack of energy
  • Frequently pain in joints
  • Ever and again enable exercise environments
  • Often lack resources

Can I get disability for being obese?  Answer to this question

Though, in order to answer this question; Can I get disability for being obese? you must say that only a diagnosis of obesity is not sufficient to permit disability in your body. For real, There are many possibilities or conditions that may promote disability in the obese body and these possibilities may include:

High Level of BMI

Officially, BMI stands for body mass index, and first of all, a high level of BMI is the main reason that causes disability in a person’s body. The normal or perfect range of BMI for adults is 18.5 to 24.9 normally between the age of 2-18. But if your BMI is less than 18.5 then you are in the underweight condition besides it if the level increases from 30.5 then you are overweight which is the main sign of disability.

Usually higher level of BMI makes a person unable to move, and walk, and moreover, that person is incapable to complete his/her everyday duties like preparing food, cleansing the house, dressing or bathing, and many more.

Also, people with a higher level of BMI may also have other medical problems joint disorders, diabetes, and heart problems in order to authorize for disability.

Obesity is not a disability alone 

In fact of point, you can say that disability and obesity are so close because when you become obese, many other medical impairments combine with obesity which actually makes you disabled for your daily tasks. Literally, these impairments or illnesses that in reality pair up with your obesity and at last become the reason for your disability are:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Heart attacks or strokes
  • Blood vessels thinning
  • Obesity hypoventilation syndrome
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Asthma
  • Physical and Mental impairments
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cancers in the esophagus, pancreas, ovaries, liver

By the way, this fact does not mean that people with obesity will definitely have these complications. In reality, it means that they are at considerable risk of growing these killing or dangerous impairments.

Obesity is not a Disability

Conventionally, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act ( ADA ), extreme obesity is not a disability without confirmation of an elemental physiological disease or disorder. Last year American Medical Association ( AMA ) however, openly classifies obesity as a disease or disability but a delegation of experts was against this classification of the AMA. Thus, the AMA changed its definition because it wanted to focus on obesity prevention and cures.

According to Ardis Hoven ( president of AMA )

Basically, we are talking about promoting weight loss and preventing weight when we are seating in the examining room then generally to influence patients’ worries about their obesity, definitely, we do put together education, tools, and instruction in better ways.

Nonetheless, many obese people were still unhappy and often called their obesity a new  disease then AMA concluded that:

Conforming to that a fat person may be inherently ill and actually need special therapy for this seeable sickness but the concern is that doctors are proceeding to be less competent to hear patients.

Even so now in developed countries, obesity has become extremely normal as the plurality of people is now inclining towards obesity or overweight. Absolutely, it has ultimately become culturally satisfactory to be fat rather than the consequences of obesity such as decreased mobility, diabetes, and inactive physical behavior provoke disability in obese people.

 Disability Benefits ( SSA ) and Obesity 

Commonly, obesity disability benefits comprise social security disability ( SSA ) which is typically a type of insurance program of the US government. Truly, it is developed to furnish monthly benefits to people who are medically undermined and further have no capability to be employed. Yet, if you can not do a physical job due to obesity as it may cause complications such as joint and back pain, mobility problems, and many serious medical problems.

So, according to this SSA, if you are medically qualified for disability due to obesity you will provide with many Disability Benefits. Genuinely, there is no route to automatically medically authorize these benefits in real you have to be in the Blue Book to avail of these Disability Benefits due to obesity.

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