The BSG Global Solutions

BSG Global Solutions

The BSG Global Solutions

BSG Global Solutions is a global Company for the manufacturing, improvement, and advertising of pneumatic generation. Over the years, has specialized in imparting its Customers with answers tailor-made to fulfill their desires.

BSG Solutions combines the validated knowledge of its pneumatic strength manufacturing devices. Also, micro pneumatic traces with brand-new studies made the subject of microfluidics. The result is a sequence of easy and powerful answers for valves, cylinders, additives, and complicated structures. Niche programs for BSG Solutions encompass scientific devices, gadgets, and units for chemical analysis, orthodontics, fittings for trucks, trains, and marine enterprise (Mobile Application), conveyors, managing gadgets, garage structures, and printing machines.

The Subculture of BSG Global Solutions

To apprehend how we work, and examine the additives of our subculture. Be as appropriate as you can. BSG is continuously enhancing merchandise to offer customers dependable communications. We formulate our capabilities, prices, and services. Be as appropriate because it Wows your Client. Our group is constantly geared up to discover new possibilities, tailor an answer for you, and assist your enterprise develops stronger. We accept as true that our purchaser is our pal and partner. Therefore, your well-being is our success.

Be as Good as your Top Competitor. We constantly observe marketplace trends, dynamically increase new merchandise and expectantly reap our goals. BSG is a business enterprise that sees demanding situations as an opportunity as opposed to a problem.

Business Possibilities in Korea

The Korean marketplace is the present process of many adjustments consisting of responding to S/4HANA convergence, switching to the Cloud environment, and virtual transformation. BSG seems ahead to main the brand new SAP marketplace with SAP and participants of United VARs.

Detlef Mehlmann, Managing Director of United VARs stated United VARs is the most important SAP Reseller internationally with a presence in greater than ninety countries. Korea is one of the main enterprises in international locations. And it’s miles obtrusive that United VARs additionally desires a neighborhood presence in Korea. We are satisfied that with BSG Global, we’ve got determined the maximum of hit SAP companions in Korea. Their talents and revel in flawlessly suit the necessities of United VARs, and we’re searching ahead to many enterprise possibilities.

About BSG Global Solutions Founders

BSG Partners provided his SAP solution in ASP format for the first time in Korea. It is ideal for providing a true “one-stop service” to customers, from the formulation of IT strategies to the execution of business processes and designs, and the construction and operation of information systems. BSG Partners understands global market trends and the overall development of its IT department. Furthermore, based on its comprehensive service offerings, ensures that the unique needs and service quality of various corporate clients abroad are met. We aim to be able to BSG Partners the operator’s Amazon Web Services “advanced” partner.

United VARs is a leading alliance of SAP solution providers for midsize businesses. The company consists of 50 market-leading VARs (Value Added Resellers) operating in over 90 countries, with 10,000 certified SAP consultants serving more than 8,000 customers worldwide. To provide the best possible service to SAP customers, prospective United VARs members must research and consult with SAP to ensure they are among the best in the region.

Enterprise Application

Enterprise solutions are continually evolving, taking on new forms and branching into new technical concepts. To truly understand these ever-evolving information systems in use in the real world, it takes a good cadre of people with the ability to rapidly adopt new technical concepts, introduce new ideas promptly, and communicate them to their customers.

As SAP’s leading partner, BSG has the fastest access to new SAP technologies. And concepts and is the first to introduce them to our customers allowing them to be the first to test SAP’s latest on-premises solutions. BSG’s extensive track record and the largest number of PoC references for SAP solutions in Korea highlight BSG’s pioneering role.

BSG closely monitors the latest developments in enterprise information solutions and continues to invest in research and development to build stronger management capabilities. Thanks to these efforts, BSG has successfully introduced new IT technologies to many corporate clients in South Korea, assisted in system implementation and verification, and contributed to the overall development of local companies in terms of information skills contributed.

Expand Your Knowledge and Network

Aside from being a fun and social experience, the real reason to register for upcoming events is to attend presentations by professional speakers to educate and train you and get the chance to engage with them in Q&A sessions. It’s for you will have the opportunity to expand your strategic network. Meet industry leaders, and exchange innovative ideas and research topics. Just watch out! Seating is by invitation only and there are only a few at each event.

Represent your company and meet prospects at the event’ speakers will have the opportunity to interact with top executives and network with prospects and partners in an upscale and sophisticated environment. Our representatives can participate in intimate classroom discussions. And showcase their knowledge and expertise to a sensitive audience of fellow industry professionals. The event will promote the success of your cause and profitability.

A New Way to Go to Market Since Developing

The SAP-certified partner package solution; BSG Partners has transformed the way we go to market. Previously, I pursued new businesses more traditionally. This involved carefully reviewing the client’s RFP requirements and assembling a team of consultants to conduct lengthy interviews. This approach was time-consuming and expensive. SAP-certified partner packaged solutions helped reduce research time and minimize communication errors.

SAP-certified partner package solutions not only helped. BSG partners transform the way they approached new customers and also helped. His BSG partner becomes more competitive in key markets. We are currently developing ways to deliver solution training and consulting online. This is very important for today’s customers.

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