Mormon Mental Health Association – MMHA

Mormon Mental Health Association - MMHA

Mormon Mental Health Association – MMHA

Actually, the Mormon Mental Health Association is abbreviated as MMHA and literally is a worldly proficient association for mental health providers, instructors, and researchers who surely offer moral, search-based, and culturally capable blessings and information to persons committed to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

The Mormon Community

Recently in the 1820s, in New York, Joseph Smith eventually started a principal branch of the Latter-Day Saint movement called Mormonism. For real, Mormonism is a holy and cultural group comprised of Mormons and these are the people who are independently secular, religious, and non-practicing or belong to other sects. In the 19th century, one of the main doctrinal issues that usually described Mormonism was the pattern of plural marriage which is typically a type of holy polygamy. However in 1844, after the death of Smith, his movement is generally splitting into many groups which are often called by the names of their leaders and these are

  1. Brigham Young
  2. Joseph Smith iii
  3. Sidney Rigdon
  4. James Strang

Normally, Mormons believe in Bible and also other books of scripture, like the Book of Mormon and habitually they self-identify themselves as Christian but some non-Mormons consider them non-Christian. Moreover, The Mormons have a distinctive view of cosmology that all people are literal soul children of God.

Mission Of Mormon Mental Health Association-MMHA

Here are some important missions of the MMHA yet, these missions are 

  • Very firstly, its mission is to offer help to link ethical and culturally sensitive clinicians to each other and further to the people who are surely searching out such providers.
  • Secondly, Mormon Mental Health Association absolutely has a mission to enlighten pastoral leaders and church members with evidence and approaches according to the field of mental health to well-being, actually.
  • Thirdly or lastly, the mission of the MMHA is to support church guidelines, patterns, endeavors, and social justice initiatives that effectively help favorable or good mental health for Mormons.

Goals Of the Mormon Mental Health Association

  • MMHA very first ensure we deliver the best professionals with special tools, aids, and ethical awareness that they need to succeed in the work for the Mormon community.
  • Hosting the meetings including the annual training conference is the second most important goal of MMHA.
  • For the public, it offers a referral list of religious and ethical professionals or experts in order to provide a resource referral network.
  • Precisely, for the Ecclesiastical Leader and Mormon family, it undoubtedly presents many educational and clinical resources.
  • Rightly, it delivers license research efforts and proficient partnerships among the MMHA.

The promise of the MMHA

The MMHA officially by delivering entrance to scientific publications of mental health, support, advocacy, and guidance that truthfully promises to nourish and defend the Mormon community.

Values of MMHA

MMHA genuinely stated its value as, “Love thy Neighbor as thyself”.

Vision of MMHA

Officially, the great vision of the Mormon Mental Health Association is to provide all of the Marmon family wellness and nourishment.

Clinical Membership of MMHA

Generally in MMHA, clinical membership refers to the clinical members which are actually, authorized mental health professionals and, for sure, are in agreement with the MMHA mission statement, mission, promise, value, and vision. Importantly, they are willing to be retained in the referral list of the MMHA as they are in good status with their state certifying boards. additionally, these clinical members are ready to be vetted by a member of the committee for readiness to obey the best ethical or religious practices.

Benefits of Clinical Membership

Likewise, clinical memberships deliver many benefits and these benefits include:

  • The first benefit of this membership is that our Find a Provider page will include your all important information like name or practices.
  • Second, it provides entrance to the secret Facebook Group of MMHA which also teams with other professional members.
  • Third, clinical membership supplies the power to advertise your workshops, journals, and other resources.
  • Fourth, it also offers a discount on hearing all the training including the Annual Conference.
  • At last, you can also participate in elections for executing positions as board members.

Coach & Educator Membership of MMHA

On the other hand clinical membership, The Coach and Educator Membership is also available in the MMHA. Essentially, this membership includes teachers, professors, life coaches, authors, lawyers, doctors, authors, and dietitians but this membership is not limited to it, truly. Additionally, all members of the coach and educator membership are ready to follow the missions,

goals, vision, and values of MMHA ethically. Even more this membership also has benefits same to clinical memberships.

Student & Provisionally Licensed Membership of MMHA

Accurately, the Student and provisionally licensed membership is a special type of membership for students who are keen on working toward becoming a licensed mental health specialist in MMHA and are in either student or provisionally certified grades. Honestly, this membership is also providing many benefits.

Become a Buddy of MMHA

Anyhow, if you want to become a friend of MMHA and have a passion to affiliate with MMHA so then, request the required financial support by enlisting as a member and it is a type of donation, closely. Thus, MMHA is tax deductible and in fact, you were counted on the Friend of MMHA page as soon as you make a donation.

Advantages of becoming a buddy of MMHA

  • Offers a chance to donate to a good tax-deductible, firstly.
  • Provides a great allowance in the much-needed community as volunteer work, secondly.
  • Equips with many discounts on attending the meetings or training comprising the annual conference, thirdly.
  • Within the Mormon family, it intentionally increases awareness of mental health problems.
  • Largely, it furnishes an opportunity to approach the board of directors with their innovative ideas and projects.
  • Lastly, it offers a fantastic ability to advertise or publish resources, and publications following the ethical mission statement of the MMHA.

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